Date: 28 Aug 2018 - 31 Aug 2018
Venue: Tamu Hotel & Suites, Kuala Lumpur
Growing your business - Mobility Oppurtunities
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Date: 25 Apr 2018 - 26 Apr 2018
Venue: Universiti of Brunei Darussalam
WIEF Social Media Marketing Workshop 2017
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Date: 02 Apr 2017 - 06 Apr 2017
Venue: Conakry, Guinea
Compared to traditional marketing, online marketing can reach a larger targeted audience within a matter of days and in some cases, hours.
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Date: 18 Apr 2016 - 21 Apr 2016
Venue: Amman, Jordan
The 5th WIEF Regional Online Marketing Workshop has been successfully held in Amman, Jordan from 18 -21 April 2016.
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Date: 20 Aug 2015 - 22 Aug 2015
Venue: Hotel Equatorial Malacca
Are you already in business and are looking for additional support and guidance? Whether your business is fashion, retail, bakery, hospitality, beauty products or anything and everything in between this retreat is definitely for you! Join us at WIEF Women Entrepreneurial Retreat and take your business and networking to the Next Level.
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Date: 18 Feb 2014 - 22 Feb 2014
Venue: Casablanca, Morocco
The use of the Internet for personal and business purposes worldwide have been growing rapidly over the last 10 years. The number of global internet users had exceeded 2.4 billion by the 2nd quarter of 2012, compared to slightly more than 360 million as at the end of 2000.
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Date: 08 May 2014 - 11 May 2014
Venue: Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson
The WIEF Women Entrepreneurial Retreat will provide an opportunity for women entrepreneurs in the SMEs to take stock of their business progress and develop appropriate strategy for growth.
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Date: 08 Apr 2013 - 12 Apr 2013
Venue: Surabaya, Indonesia
The 2nd Regional WIEF Internet Marketing Workshop was held in Surabaya Indonesia on 8-12 April 2013.
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Date: 04 Sep 2012 - 08 Sep 2012
Venue: Nairobi, Kenya
Following the overwhelming success of the 1st WIEF Internet Marketing in Kuala Lumpur, the 1st Regional Web Reach Internet Marketing was held in Nairobi, Kenya.
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Date: 13 Feb 2012 - 17 Feb 2012
Venue: IDFR, Kuala Lumpur
The Workshop was organised in collaboration with the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR), supported by the Department of Women Development of Malaysia and the Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and strategically partnered with The Coca-Cola Company.
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