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Riski Hapsari

My name is Riski Hapsari or often called Kikie, one of the WIEF participants from Surabaya, April last year. (I was the one selling the cute brooches to all the friends from WIEF.) Alhamdullilah, after one year, I have felt the real advantage from being on the learning program to create websites for women entrepreneurs in East Java.

When I was in the process of learning with Teacher Amier Anis I successfully created (it won second place), Alhamdullilah in the past 6 months I created

Currently, the sales revenue I received from the website has increased by twofold compared to last year. Not only that, through the new website, I received a chance to work with the Indonesian Government through the “PNPM Mandiri “ program to provide training in a few villages in Gresik, in order to empower women in rural areas.

Next month, hopefully, I will be a trainer for Women Day in front of 150 women from diverse background. Alhamdullilah.

Tonight, I’d like to say thanks to Allah SWT for all His blessings, for my career and all the success in my work that I had accomplished so far.
Keeping in mind that I almost gave up when my previous website was shut down, luckily there was the learning program offered by WIEF on how to create website to sell our products online.
And I believe it’s fair to say that everything I have accomplished now would not be possible without the help and support from my friends from WIEF.

Once again, thanks a lot to the 2nd Regional Online Marketing Workshop in Surabaya for all the help and all the koleksikikie staff, also our small family. I hope Allah SWT will return the favor and always provide friends from WIEF good health and blessings in your work. Amin.

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