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Suhaily Ng Abdullah
08/05/2015, Malaysia

My name is Suhaily, I am from Malaysia. I have worked 16 years in investment banking and ,at the age of 40 have decided to leave the exciting world of high finance to bring up my own family.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and so when my son proposed to me that we start an online business, I jump in with both feet. We started a drop ship company that essentially assist Malaysians to shop for items online from around the world n ship them back to Malaysia, at fraction of the cost!

KulShopper was born n -we became the famous mother/son team that took lowyat by storm in 2008!although business was good, we did lacked an online presence. I had no knowledge about online marketing and felt handicapped, in face of intense competition from more Internet savvy competitors.

That changed after I attended the 1st Regional WIEF Web-reach Internet Marketing Workshop in KL,from 13-17Feb 2012.Armed with the knowledge and skills acquired from this workshop, I assisted my son to bring KulShopper to greater heights.

Our business scaled new heights within a short period of time, in term of sale and market share as word about our services spread thru the social media n positive feedback received from many appreciative customers.

After 5 successful years, we decided its time to move on to bigger dreams. From his years studying/working in Sammy son has discovered a passion for FnB industry, specifically a desire to own his own food business.

He wanted to share the knowledge n taste of some of his fav foods from USA, specifically from Texas. He wanted to start a food truck business offering food that had appealed to him while in Texas

So, once again, my knowledge gained from WIEF workshop n the subsequent networking opportunities had enabled me to assist him to gradually turn an idea into a reality.

So now, we are the proud owners of cowboy’s food truck, turning out high quality all cooked with lots of love and served with a smile! It had garnered considerable support n patronage. Prior to this, cowboys food truck hiddenness introducing’s brand of Cowboysfood truck to the public thru food festivals and events n social media. The enthusiastic response to its brand of food has provided the impetus to roll out its first truck on 7 Dec. 2014. Although it had only been a month since the food truck made its presence in the Klang /valley, it had garnered considerable support n patronage.

A fantastic review by famed food blog on Cowboysfood truck  had given us tremendous presence and we were practically on everyone’s lips: once again, demonstrating the power n importance of social media.

In the 2 short years since attending the workshop, I have used the knowledge n skills acquired from to assist my son to realise his dream of starting his own food bus.

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