The WIEF Businesswomen Forum, a collaborative forum between WIEF Businesswomen Network and the Gangwon Provincial Government was held at Lakai Sandpine Resort, Gangneung City Korea on 7-9 November 2016.

With the theme “Women and the Creative Economy”, the Forum covered diverse related issues and each session, provided a useful platform for productive discussions among the panelists of the Forum and the Forum participants.

The forum addresses the following 4 major topics for the Panel Discussion sessions:
Realising Women’s Potential in the Creative Economy
Creating Unique Blends of Cultural Industry Across Asia
Challenges and Business Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs in the Halal Industry
Financing Options for Women Entrepreneurs

The two-day forum was attended by more than 150 delegates from 15 countries.  (Brunei, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Senegal, Sudan, Philippine, Kenya and Thailand).

The Roundtable Business Networking, on day 2, which offers 3 clusters: Creative and cultural industries, Beauty and healthcare industries and Halal industries has attracted 90 entrepreneurs to engage in the networking.

The Forum has received positive feedback from the delegates and there have been many suggestions to make it an annual event.